5 Interesting Facts About A Shirt

July 21st, 2015

Fact 1

The oldest preserved garment in the world is a linen dress shirt dating to 3000 BC which was found in an Egyptian tomb.

Fact 2

Until the invention of the washing machine shirts had detachable collars and cuffs which were changed when they needed laundered. The main body of the shirt being worn for at least a week or more!

Fact 3

Button down collars were invented by polo players who wished to ensure that their collars did not flap as they rode their horses.

Fact 4

In the eighteenth century if a man’s shirt was visible and not covered by a waistcoat or jacket the wearer was considered to be indecently dressed which was punished with inprisonment.

Fact 5

Historically “white collar” and “blue collar” workers were distinguished by the colour of the cloth of a shirt that they were required to wear and this was an indication of the wearer’s social working status.
The “white collar” worker having a professional office based occupation and the “blue collar” worker having a trade requiring hands-on manual labour.

We can only imagine what the Victorians would have said about the wealth of shirt colours that are available to men in the twentieth century but even in today’s modern times the two most popular shirt colours are white and blue!