7 Must-have Fashion Accessories for Men

March 7th, 2016

Stand out from the crowd with sophisticated men’s fashion accessories

So often overlooked in the accessories department, men don’t have a fraction of the options available to women. You want your smart look to stand out but frankly matching a handbag to your shoes isn’t going to cut it for the guys. Fortunately, we’ve composed a short list of subtle flourishes and fashion accessories for men that can ensure your sophisticated look doesn’t get lost in the haze.

Pocket squares – The subtle touch

multi-coloured pocket squares

A pocket square is a must-have fashion accessory for the dapper gent and they come in a dazzling array of colours and patterns. As a general rule, your pocket square should match one of the colours in your tie. If your tie has a busy pattern, stick to a plain pocket square and vice versa. There are quite a few different ways to fold a pocket square, from the straightforward classic to the more complex sophisticated folds. Some might be tricky but they are worth mastering.

Ties – the suitable centre piece

A great shirt needs an equally great tie and you should never skimp when it comes to neckwear. It’s best to invest in high-quality silk ties (and every man should have a good navy number in his wardrobe), but allow yourself to have a bit of fun. As long as you’ve got a handle on the colour wheel, you can mix tie and shirt patterns to create outstanding looks. Brush up on your tie tying techniques so that even just one tie has multiple potential looks.

Watches – a timely addition

various watches

One of the most important accessories for the well-dressed man is a good watch. It’s well worth splashing out on a classic timepiece because, believe it or not, this is something men and women do notice straight away. When you’re dressing up, ditch the Fitbit and don the statement piece.

Scarfs – The functional feature

Scarves are brilliant for allowing you to experiment with textures and patterns. A luxury wool plaid, soft tartan cashmere or chunky cable knit scarf adds an extra dimension to a smartly turned-out outfit. Like ties, there are many different ways to tie and wear a scarf, from the simple drape around the neck, the ‘once around’ and ‘Ascot’ to the ‘French’ or ‘European Knot’, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Spectacles & Sunglasses – bringing your look into focus

man wearing sunglasses

In some countries – such as Japan for instance – spectacles have practically become a fashion statement. So much so that there is even a market for non-prescription pairs purely for the look. While not so common in the west, glasses have lost any negative stigma and bolder frames have become a stylish accessory. Sunglasses have always been popular, but likewise can be an excellent accessory that ironically, could be making others see ‘you’ better.

Collar pins – sharpening your look

A collar pin is quite the rarity these days but it has lost none of its elegance and style. Worn with a pin collar shirt, this decorative pin or bar goes through small holes near the top of each collar point and secures behind the tie. This pushes the tie knot up and forward adding a bit of extra decoration to the collar itself. See our article on shirt collar styles for more inspiration on different looks and options.

Custom buttons or cufflinks– bringing everything together

variety of custom shirt buttons

Cufflinks have long been the finishing touch of a man’s outfit for special events, but with a bit more in the way of making a shirt stand out, custom shirt buttons are on the way up. Not being restricted to the cuffs, custom buttons give a shirt a totally unique vibe from collar to cuff. Buying an individually tailored shirt from Shirts with Buttons, for example, means you can choose from a huge range of inspiring casein, mother of pearl, metal and even crystal buttons to add to any shirt style.