8 Men’s Shirt Collar Styles and Types

December 28th, 2015

A Guide to Finding the Right Shirt Collar Styles for Men

When it comes to men’s dress shirts, the devil really is in the detail. And it’s not just about the cut, colour, pattern and buttons; the style of collar has a big impact on the overall look, whether you are going for casual, semi-formal, formal, or something versatile to help you transition from office by day to night out.

From traditional, tab and winged collars to spread and pin, there are men’s shirt collar styles for every occasion. By understanding what they are and how and where to wear them, you will be expertly dressed every time. Ordering a luxury made-to-measure shirt from Shirts with Buttons enables you to design and create your own bespoke piece with the classic collar of your choice. But which shirt collar styles take your fancy?

1. Straight Collar Shirts

straight shirt collar styles

The traditional straight collar is a timeless classic for men’s dress shirts. The tips of the collar point downwards, leaving a small amount of space between the sides of the collar for a tie. You won’t generally find this collar on casual shirts, but men’s formal shirts with this type of collar can be worn with or without a tie giving them a small degree of versatility.

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2. Spread Collar Shirts

spread shirt collar styles

The spread collar is by far and away the most popular contemporary shirt collar style. So-called because the ‘spread’ between collar points is wider than the traditional straight collar, the spread collar is ideal for wearing ties with bigger knots like a Windsor or half-Windsor. It works perfectly with or without a tie, making it the most versatile of men’s shirt collar types for both formal and casual wear.

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3. Button-down Collar Shirts

button down shirt collar styles

The button-down collar was originally created to prevent ‘collar curl’ and is generally associated with Oxford cloth shirts. These collars have small buttonholes at the end of each point, corresponding to a small button on each side of the shirtfront. The most casual of all the collars, the button-down is typically worn without a tie and is perfect teamed with a v-neck sweater, however the buttons on the collar should always be fastened. More formal versions of the button-down have ‘invisible’ buttons securing the points from the back.

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4. Pin Collar Shirts

pin shirt collar styles

This collar has small holes near the top of each point to allow for a decorative pin or bar behind the tie knot. This pushes the tie knot up and forward and adds a bit of extra decoration to the collar itself. This collar should always be worn with a tie and has a smaller space between points so a slim or skinny tie works best.

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5. Winged Collar Shirts

winged shirt collar styles

The winged collar is the most formal shirt collar style and is worn with a tuxedo. The collar points tip upwards like wings and are shorter than other kinds. This type of shirt collar style should only ever be worn with a bow tie.

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6. Round Collar Shirts

round shirt collar styles

Round shirt collar styles were originally popular in the 1920s, but the style has been revived for the modern man. There are no points on this collar style; simply small, curved pieces of fabric. Rounded collars work well for men with thin or long faces, since the rounded curves of the collar provide balance.

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7. Band Collar Shirts

band shirt collar styles

The band or banded collar is also known as a ‘mandarin’ collar and has no points at all, just a band of fabric that winds around the neck. Although this can be worn with suit jackets, it is a dressier casual look. The band collar gives a semi-formal appearance without the need for a tie.

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8. Tab Collar Shirts

tab shirt collar styles

The tab collar has a small tab extending from the middle of each point, which is fixed together behind the tie. This forces the tie forward and up and is best used with more elaborate tie knots.  This type of collar on a dress shirt should only ever be worn with a tie.

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Choosing a shirt can have a lot more to it than simply finding your favourite colour. If you want to stand out from the crowd or make an impact in the office, then a little more sophistication can be an instant plus. Shirts with buttons offer over a dozen different shirt styles for both men and women as well as thousands of colour and button type options. Why not find the right shirt collar style in a shirt that’s made to measure?

Feel free to share our shirt collar style infographic to those in your life who need some style advice.

shirt collar style infographic

Bow tie image courtesy of nuttakit via FreeDigitalPhotos.net.