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Introducing our new free tailoring service in Scotland

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“Great service – Bill called into the office, got measured and I designed my very own shirt. It fits perfectly as promised, which is great as I am 6ft 3 and shirts are always too short.” Alex Kent When shopping for a shirt, you normally have two choices. 1. Visit a shop Take time out and visit a shop, where you can choose a shirt from a very limited selection of styles and fabrics and accept the standard buttons that are attached to it. The size of a shirt is normally limited to collar size only and the rest of the shirt is ‘one size, fits al’ whether you are overweight, underweight, tall, short, erect or stooped. 2. Shop online Obviously online shopping has become increasingly popular, but it also has its drawbacks. Websites can only show a fraction of the materials and styles that are available. It is not easy to choose a fabric from a sample square on the screen without looking and feeling its texture and weight. Perhaps you do not have the confidence to take your own measurements for a made-to-measure shirt. All in all, it is not a very personal experience and once you have ordered, you may be wondering ‘I hope it turns out okay’ rather than being excited at the prospect of your new shirt arriving. Shirts with Buttons are now offering another option. One of our tailors will visit you in your home or your office at a time to suit you. They will professionally measure you to make sure that your shirt fits you perfectly. This is a quick process which should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Our tailor will then guide and advise you regarding your shirt style, fabric and accessory options, depending on the occasion or the purpose of wearing. They will help you choose a suitable fabric and buttons from our extensive collection. Because each person is accurately measured, our shirts are popular among bodybuilders who perhaps have a large chest, a small waist and large biceps. Our shirts are also popular among those clients who have a physical impairment as we ensure their shirt is exactly how they would like it to look. Please contact to arrange an appointment. Arrange an appointment

Elegant, Enduring Casein Buttons Now Available
casein buttons

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Our new range of stunning casein buttons have arrived. Find out why these rare and unique buttons can make your unique shirt design really stand out from the crowd.

Stunning Casein Buttons – Coming Very Soon

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Very soon we will be able to offer you our latest collection of stunning Casein buttons. These buttons are not widely available nowadays although during the Art Deco era they were considered extremely desirable and Casein was used to produce beautiful jewellery, the most exotic pieces created by two illustrious artists, Jacob Bengel and Auguste Bonaz. Coco Chanel having commissioned many pieces to adorn her haute couture collections. Casein is made from the protein in cow’s milk, and once manufactured, produces a beautiful material which is glossy and after polishing has a long-lasting silky lustre. During World War II the need for milk as food was paramount and as a consequence Casein production declined although Casein buttons have continued until the present day due to their exquisite quality. Our Casein buttons will enhance our garments and given them the opulence and sophistication that the Art Deco era evoked.