Stunning Casein Buttons – Coming Very Soon

July 21st, 2015

Very soon we will be able to offer you our latest collection of stunning Casein buttons. These buttons are not widely available nowadays although during the Art Deco era they were considered extremely desirable and Casein was used to produce beautiful jewellery, the most exotic pieces created by two illustrious artists, Jacob Bengel and Auguste Bonaz. Coco Chanel having commissioned many pieces to adorn her haute couture collections.

Casein is made from the protein in cow’s milk, and once manufactured, produces a beautiful material which is glossy and after polishing has a long-lasting silky lustre. During World War II the need for milk as food was paramount and as a consequence Casein production declined although Casein buttons have continued until the present day due to their exquisite quality.

Our Casein buttons will enhance our garments and given them the opulence and sophistication that the Art Deco era evoked.