Finding Button Down Shirts for Women

May 12th, 2016

Putting an End to Gaping & Bunching

While fitted or button down shirts aren’t the only work or fashion choice for women, they do provide a sophisticated and elegant option. Pairing well with a skirt, tailored trousers or a smart suit, a little extra choice is always nice. But finding a button down shirt that fits right can come with its own assortment of problems. Most notably – and infuriatingly – gaping and bunching.

However, where there’s a fashion problem there’s almost always a fashion solution. Here we outline a few bits of advice to help you get past the most common issues in button down shirts for women, so you can get something that looks good and makes you feel great.

Solving The Gape

The bane of so many women’s search for a button down shirt, whether you’re bigger busted or more petit the problem is more often than not still the same. With off the rack shirts ‘supposedly’ made specifically for women it can make you wonder what women in particular they are referring to.

The Quick Fix

While pinning or taping are often a go to quick solution it’s still a frustrating compromise. Purpose made ‘Fashion Tape’ offers a slightly better option and wearing a cami or tank beneath the shirt can work too but it’s still a case of accepting a shirt that simply isn’t up to the task.

You don’t always have to compromise however. There is a solution. In fact there are is more than one but you simply won’t find them in an off the rack shirt option.

Shop to fit Your Bust

The first real solution is to start with your bust and work your way in – so to speak. If you can find a shirt that fits you in this most difficult of areas and doesn’t gape, that’s already half the battle. The next step is to take this shirt to a professional tailor and take in the waist, shoulders and any other areas required. Much like finding trousers that fit your hips, finding a shirt for your bust can be troublesome, but with a bit of perseverance you can find something that can be made to work for you.

The Custom Made Solution

You can also go that small step further than simply tailoring and go for a completely bespoke shirt. With Shirts with Buttons you can even leave specific notes about your shirt fit before you purchase – such as problem areas. These details are passed to our professional tailors and are used to create a shirt made to measure just for you.

Bunching & Untucking

Uncomfortable, annoying and none too flattering. Why do shirts bunch when you tuck them in? Much like the gape this problem is familiar to many women and while there are solutions they don’t tend to be as commonplace as those for the gape. That said, there are options to get around it.

An Assortment of ‘Odd’ Solutions

What started out as make shift solutions have turned into brand entities with ‘The Shirt Tailor’ and ‘Shirt Lock’ as options for the very problem of shirts bunching or coming untucked. The problem with these is that while they can be unisex, they are most commonly a menswear product and can feel uncomfortable to wear in more than just the physical sense. If you’re looking for comfort and style then these I’m afraid leave a lot to be desired. Not least shirt garters which have to be seen to be believed.

Military Style

The military tuck is a clever little trick which has had soldiers looking their sharpest for years but is actually pretty simple to pull off yourself and is a handy little trick for hiding excess material and giving your shirt a streamline look. This video shows you how.

The Right Fit from the Start

However, the best solution to bunching or a shirt coming untucked is once again to find the correct fit of shirt. Much of the problem of untucking and bunching comes from too little length in the material or too much material around the midriff respectively.

By having a shirt tailored made to your size and shape, you can reduce excess material where it causes a problem and if you find that shirts tend to be a little short you can request a little bit of extra length, or even a ‘duck-tail’ shirt variety made for easier tucking.