Finding Fitted Shirts for Bodybuilders

December 4th, 2015

The Broader Problem of Finding Shirts to Fit Your Build

Bodybuilders, athletes and muscular men may have enviable physiques, but all share one unfortunately all-too-common problem: finding suits and dress clothing that actually fit. The male fashion industry tends to be skewed towards the skinner man and blokes with more bulk can find it near impossible to buy off-the-rack shirts that don’t swamp them in some places and hug them too tightly in others.

You could spend your time trawling through stores looking for a fitted shirt for a bodybuilder’s physique but with envious proportions you’ll often find yourself in a futile effort to get it right in all areas.

Here we look at some of the most common problems in finding casual and formal fitted shirts for bodybuilders and larger athletes and show you how a made to measure option might just be made for you.

The Bicep Bulge & Tricep Tear

shirt measurements guide

How often have you found that a shirt falls short when trying to accommodate larger biceps or triceps? A tear in the fabric might work for the Incredible Hulk but it’s an infuriatingly common issue for those with bigger arms who just want a shirt that lasts and looks good.

With proper professional tailoring, the shape of the arms is, in fact, heavily impacted by the chest. Shirts with Buttons will use the chest measurement along with the shoulders to compensate for extra room and align the shirt to your shape. The result is a shirt that is comfortable and gives the arms room to move without being overly baggy.

The Chest & Shoulder-to-Waist Ratio

Bodybuilder measuring waist one handed

A good upper body workout regime will pay dividends with greater power, strength and solidity. Broader shoulders and a more pronounced chest-to-waist ratio are great gains from a dedicated approach and while these can look great with the right fit of clothing, they more often than not make finding a bodybuilder’s shirt that naturally fits well nearly impossible.

The biggest problem tends to be that any shirt that fits the shoulders and chest will invariably look baggy and ill-fitted around the waist and hips. Off the rack shirts just won’t cut it and while you can take a ‘nearly right’ shirt to a tailor to be darted or taken in or out, you’re still settling for something that was never right for your bodybuilder frame.

Our measurement guide takes into account more aspects of your body shape than other shirt manufacturers, including your shoulders, chest, stomach and seat measurements, meaning any shirt created for you is just that. Created for you.

Subtlety can be a Nice Change

soft colour shirts

You work out for your health and to look good but you don’t always want to accentuate everything and if you work in an office or are attending an event or night out, being able to tone down your more pronounced muscle mass can be somewhat of a relief.

A lot of shirt manufacturers will use a lot of ‘more flexible’ materials like spandex to compensate where measurements aren’t quite right. This can lead to the overly tight or accentuated ‘muscle shirt’ look which can tend to draw too much attention and become constrictive.

If you are looking for something that wears well and fits comfortably and naturally, cotton shirts will always be at the forefront. Furthermore, a cotton material in softer block colours can tone down your shape and actually give you a very natural athletic look when smartly dressed without appearing bulky.

Fitting from Shoulder to Cuff

shoulder and cuff fitting shirt

There are plenty of guys out there rocking bigger biceps and triceps and while forearm exercises should be a big part of any arm day workout, they are never going to be as pronounced as your upper arm.

The result of this can be a shirt that fits the upper arm but over-extends or ‘swamps’ the hand and wrist. You might have come across the problem where a shirts cuff sticks out too far underneath a suit jacket. This can make what should be a great look seem very sloppy and the lean-in for a handshake a little less confident.

Once Shirts with Buttons has the measurements of your chest, this gets used alongside your sleeve length and the always vital wrist measurement, to provide a shirt with sleeves that sit comfortably around a larger upper arm while sitting perfectly on the wrist without sliding up or down.

Don’t choke when it comes to Neck Fitting

shirts for bodybuilders neck fitting

Always adhere to the golden rule that you should be able to fit a finger between your neck and the collar of the shirt. It’s fairly common to buy a shirt and find yourself struggling to get the top button done. The end result means that you’ve either got your neck in a bind or ties just won’t sit right.

Accurately measuring your neck is the vital first stage of preparing for any fitted shirt. Our measurement guide gives you the exact way to measure your neck and once you have designed and ordered your fitted shirts, our professional tailors know exactly how to use this to provide a shirt that sits great with or without a tie and won’t leave you struggling to get that top button done.

If you are tired of settling for shirts that almost fit, try out our simple shirt builder with over 100 quality fabrics and over a dozen shirt styles to get you started. Are you a Zeus or an Adonis? Let’s find out.