Get the Look: The 7 most Fashionable Male Celebrities Right Now

February 24th, 2016

The Magnificent Seven of the Best Dress Celebrity Men

From fashion icons to movie stars with panache, there are a whole host of male celebrities with an eye for fashion. While some male celebs seem like they need a professional assistant to get dressed in the morning, these seven icons make a style statement all their own.

1. Idris Elba

Idris Elba in grey pinstripe suit

The star of The Wire, Luther and Beasts of No Nation, Idris Elba’s effortless cool give him a style all his own. Made up of deep tonal colours in blues and greys in top-notch fabrics, Elba favours durability and functionality as a designer. Elba unveiled his latest fashion collaboration with Superdry at London Collections Men in June with a line grounded in a classic style that combines classic cool with effortless sophistication.

Get his style:

  • Pin-striped grey suit (link)
  • Grey textured silk tie (link)
  • Pale blue spread collar shirt (link)

2. Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan in white shirt with grey suit jacket

Although most famous for his roles in 50 Shades of Grey and BAFTA-nominated The Fall, Dornan started out life as a model, starring in campaigns for fashion giants such as Calvin Klein, Dior and Armani. With a career baptism in fashion, the Northern Irish actor has mastered the art of dressing up while dressing down. Cool style personified in jacket, jeans and white shirt.

Get his style:

  • Tailored grey jacket (link)
  • Dark jeans
  • Crisp two tone contrast white shirt (link)

3. David Gandy

David Gandy in tweed three piece suit

One of the world’s most famous male models and the definition of fashionable male celebrities, David Gandy is renowned for his sleek take on classic English gentlemen style, often mixing up a classic suit with a neat accessory such as a belted cardigan, trilby hat or a pocket square. He’s a major fan of the three-piece suits and makes dapper look easy as pie. He’s even got his own style guide for those looking for wardrobe inspiration.

Get his style:

  • Tweed three-piece suit (link)
  • Warm colour tie (link)
  • Neutral spread collar shirt (link)

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt in blazer and pattern shirt combination

Child star Joseph Gordon Levitt has grown up in the spotlight, but the star of this year’s Oliver Stone-directed Snowden has filled out from the skinny 90s kid to cover model with astonishing ease. He’s another “dressed up while dressing down” aficionado, pulling off a mix of tailored jackets, open-necked shirts and smart jeans. He’s not afraid of patterns or unusual fabrics either, often pairing patterned waistcoats or shirts with a well-fitted suit.

Get his style:

  • Dark coloured tailored blazer (link)
  • Dark jeans
  • Dark checked skinny tie (link)
  • Neutral-coloured button down collar patterned shirt (link)

5. Michael B Jordan

Michael B. Jordan in pattern red suit

Creed star Michael B Jordan has been making a splash on the red carpet, as well as in the boxing ring. His signature patterned and bold suits are getting a great rep at fashion events and he manages to pull it off by casually navigating the fine line between outstanding and outlandish. In his downtime he knows how to rock a bomber or coach jacket, matching it with skinny jeans and smart shoes.

Get his style:

  • Skinny fit suit in bold red or burgundy (link)
  • Black satin silk tie (link)
  • Matching dark- tone straight collar shirt (link)

6. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy in navy three piece suit

Tipped to be the new James Bond there’s undeniably something stylish about the sometimes brash Tom Hardy. Having gone through an impressive style evolution from tattooed dude to snappy dresser, his no-nonsense style is English gent with a dash of modernity. Hardy loves a waistcoat and pulls it off with or without a tie. When he’s not dressing down, he dons a straight-legged suit trouser, rather than slim fit, showing his preference for timeless classics.

Get his style:

  • An elegant three-piece navy suit (link)
  • Navy panama silk tie (link)
  • Classic spread collar white shirt (link)

7. John Legend

John Legend in pin stripe jacket

Singer John Legend is a self-confessed lover of timeless, well-made suits and he’s a champion of fashionable male celebrities, collaborating with AXE’s White Label Collective for New York Fashion Week, and as co-founder of women’s online fashion store Everything about Legend is down to tailoring; neat, slim jackets and trousers with contrasting shirts. He frequently ditches ties for more interesting shirt collars.

Get his style:

  • Neatly tailored slim-fit suit in charcoal pinstripes (link)
  • Drop the tie
  • Crisp white pin collar shirt (link)