Go ahead. Button it!

February 21st, 2018

There is not one person we know that does not want to look stylish; and if you are one to say “I am not”. Believe me you are.

After all, the reason why you’re attracted to the latest colours, garment shapes and specific materials is because you indeed are fashion conscious.

Fashion and styling relies on high visual standards. Meticulous attention to detail is your best friend and completes each and every outfit, whether that is tucked in shirt, open button shirt, t-shirt combo, you know it.

There is one thing which you take for granted though and that is your buttons. Yes, you heard it correctly, BUTTONS. Buttons are a finishing element of the outfit and if you start paying attention to them, your outfits will become much more attractive.

Buttons were originally used as jewellery up until around the 13th century when they started to appear as elements fastening garments. This was followed by the golden years of button ornamentation in the 19th century where buttons were used as a status of wealth. The more wealthy people were, the more ornate and exquisite their buttons were, in many cases they were made from gold.

At present however, there are two things you need to take out from that history lesson. People pay attention to buttons, how they’re used and what they are. A button gives a shirt an overhaul, a unique feeling, it makes your outfit stand out and reflects your personality.

So, when you get a shirt, choose your buttons and pay attention to what you want. Why not get a pearl button for that baby blue blouse? A crystal button for your work blazer so you stand out in a meeting? Wooden buttons for that summer BBQ shirt with your favourite light denim jeans?

When it comes to buttons there is plenty to choose from. So next time you shop, make sure to choose the button for the right garment.

What will be your button?

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