How Your Made to Measure Shirt is Made

May 4th, 2016

Taking Your Shirt from Design to Delivery

There is a lot that goes into creating a made to measure shirt and we like our customers to know the extent we go to in order to ensure they get a fantastic quality shirt that fits perfectly. Ordering online can be bit of a gamble with some clothes shops as you’re never quite sure if the fit will be right. But with Shirts with Buttons, the fit is always as precise as possible with detailed measurements and experienced tailors.

Here we take you on the journey that all of our shirts make from your first design to arriving at your door.

Sourcing the Materials

made to measure shirt materials

The first step to creating your shirt is choosing the style and materials. While our professional tailors can shape any material to each collar and shirt type, they need these materials available in the first place. That’s why we went to great lengths to check the durability, quality, feel and look of thousands of material and button options. The best of which, are now available to choose from on our website.

Measuring Up

Once you have chosen your shirt style, material and buttons, it’s time to measure up. With just a measuring tape to hand and a few simple steps, you can provide us with all the details we need to sculpt a shirt perfectly for you. You can even leave notes in the purchase identifying any problem areas.

A Professional Eye

Once you’ve confirmed your order, all of the details of your made to measure shirt are sent to our European tailors where a professional eye and vast experience ensures the right fit. Working with a massive database of European sizes for men and women, these tailors have a better understanding of European body shapes than the High Street retailers commonly stocked from Asia where body sizes tend to be smaller.

The minutest of adjustments are often made based on your weight and body shape as experience gives our tailors the understanding of how shirts fit, to know your size better than you do yourself.

A Cut Above

made to measure shirt features

Now that all of the measurements are exact, the process of actually making the shirt begins. The collar, sleeves, cuffs and shirt body are all cut separately from a fresh cut of your chosen material and are finished by hand to create a one of a kind made to measure shirt that will fit like a glove and hold shape better and longer than an off the rack shirt.

Professional Packaging

Once the shirt is complete and all quality checks have been done, the shirt is sent to be packaged. With a made to measure shirt we feel that quality should be included at every step so there is no skimping on the packaging. We package your shirt so that the box it arrives in goes some way to ensuring bespoke is in the service as much as in the shirt.

Delivered to Your Door

made to measure shirt delivery box

Once the packaging is complete, your shirt is shipped by door to door courier so you can step out, or step up in style. Because of the completely bespoke process the time between order and delivery can take up to five weeks but don’t worry, it’s all part of making sure that you’re getting a one of a kind shirt.

All of our shirt styles for both men and women are available in a wider variety of size options than your standard high street retailer ensuring that our shirts are available to you, no matter your body type.