Men’s style tips to look slimmer

February 29th, 2016

Streamlining your physique with a few simple fashion changes

We all come in different shapes and sizes and while there are no magic tricks to instantly lose weight or trim up certain areas of the body, there are some simple style tips to instantly help you look slimmer, sharper and that bit more stylish in the process. The cut, style and colour of garments you wear can make a big difference to how you look which, in turn is a great self-esteem booster.

Here we run down some of the top men’s style tips to look slimmer instantly.

Get the right fit for you

It may seem startlingly obvious but many of us make the mistake of thinking that wearing bigger baggier clothes can help to disguise or flatter our frame. In fact, the opposite is true. Bigger clothes only serve to make everything look bigger and billowy garments can even take away from the positive aspects of your shape. On the flip-side of the coin, wearing clothes that are too small or tight only serves to emphasise problem areas, so in the words of The Three Bears, find clothing for you that are ‘just right’.  Whether this means more time in the fitting room or even a tailor-made solution, the results will speak for themselves.

Banish bulky fabrics

The fact is chunky clothes will make you look chunkier, so avoid thick knitted jumpers and cardigans and go for light layering in your knitwear, such as cashmere, merino wool and silk blends.

You really want to steer clear of hoodies and tops with a front pouch, which add bulk, as do cargo pants with all their pockets. Good quality thinner fabrics with no embellishments will make you look sleeker and leaner.

Avoid loud prints and patterns

No one wants to be boring but loud prints and patterns are a big no-no for a man who is trying to dress slimmer. Garish designs draw attention and give the impression you are bigger than you actually are. While horizontal stripes are definitely out – as they make a person look wider- vertical stripes are a clever way to appear svelte. The eye follows the direction of the line, elongating the body and giving more impetus to your height over your width. These don’t even have to be obvious stripes as even subtle pinstripe suits can have a subtle yet valuable impact. As an additional point, a good diagonal-striped tie can also emphasise the length of your torso, creating a leaner look.

Dark colours are slimming

It may sound like a typical fashion cliché but black and dark colours really can make you look slimmer, more dynamic and even more confident. In an outfit dark colours work best by sticking to a similar tone throughout. Autumnal shades like burgundy and dark green are great for this, although you can never go wrong with classic dark grey, navy or the essential black. Ditch any belt that’s in a contrasting colour though, as that will chop your body in half and make you appear shorter.

Put your best shirt forward

It’s important to invest in good shirts because a great, well-fitted shirt that correctly fits your shoulders, waist and chest automatically creates a slimmer-looking silhouette.  Unlike the run of the mill t-shirt a fitted shirt’s detail, variable neckline and precise fit can make for a more professional look that accentuates your best qualities.

Look for shirts in slim, modern, or athletic fits but not too tight – if you can’t cross your arms or the buttons are straining then you need a bigger size. Shirts with Buttons recommends shirts that feature double buttons down the front, which help keep a trim shape and avoids splitting of the shirt between buttons. We also offer double button and double gusset options with all of our shirts. Simply add “double gusset” or “double button” in the comments section of your order to get this extra absolutely free.

Invest in a V-neck and tone down your trousers

V-necks creates the illusion of extra height and slim down the frame. Invest in v-neck t-shirts and good quality jumpers in wool, cashmere, silk or other blends that sit high on the waist and hips and are snug in the shoulders, chest and arms.

When it comes to trouser, plain is best; avoid anything with pleats and buy slim or flat-front trousers in dark colours such as gray, and navy. Flat trousers give you a cleaner waist and avoid adding weight to the frame. Make sure the length is correct too – the trouser hem should break at the top of the shoe and your socks shouldn’t show when you are walking. Any longer and you’ll look short and stocky rather than long and lean.

Whatever your size and shape, the right fit and style of clothing from top to bottom can make a huge difference to your look. By following a few of these men’s style tips to look slimmer, you can give yourself a flattering style and the confidence to match.