Our Fitted Shirts – Bodybuilder Approved

May 30th, 2016

Making Shirts Fit for Bodybuilders and Athletes

When it comes to choosing a tailor made shirt there are certainly a range of benefits over the factory made off the rack ranges you’ll find in most high street and even online stores. With most shirts falling under the bracket of fitting the ‘average’ person it often becomes apparent that this average person is nowhere to be found. And for anyone with a bigger physique, the problems can become even more apparent.

That’s why we offer shirts that go beyond the standard size options with bodybuilders and athletes a making up a lot of our customers. As part of our aims to be the go-to option for fitted shirts for the more muscular client, we got in contact with two likely gents who were more than happy to let us know the problems they had and fitted them out with something totally bespoke.

Johnny Elliot

Age: 35                 Height: 5’ 7.5”                   Weight: 85 Kg

professional coach Johnny Elliot in fitted shirt

As a partner and professional coach at CrossFit MTS Gym in Edinburgh, Johnny’s fitness life is balanced between the disciplines of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, with a little rugby thrown in for good measure. With the broad shoulders required for weight lifting, the occasional ribbing about being “as wide as he is tall” from mates highlights how Johnny isn’t the typical body shape. Making finding a fitted shirt that little more problematic.

When we spoke to Johnny, he reaffirmed this in his key shirt problem areas. Across the back, the shoulders and under and around the arm. Length was often a factor too, as his need to get a comfortable fit for his upper-body, often meant taking a shirt that was too long.

With all these key issues in mind we set about getting Johnny’s measurements. In order to show the real ease of using our service, we left this to Johnny to get done, along with providing his notes about key problem areas. Was Johnny happy with his final shirt?

 “As someone who has always struggled to find a collared shirts that fit well I have definitely found my solution! The process of ordering is really simple, and the end product is second to none.”

“I have paid more for a shirt that fit nowhere near as well, and nowhere near as high a quality. I won’t make that mistake again.”

Simon Swanston

Age: 32                 Height: 5’ 11”                    Weight: 119 Kg

personal trainer Simon Swanston in custom fitted shirt

As a fitness lecturer as well as a personal trainer and gym owner, Simon’s no slouch when it comes to fitness. As an active enthusiast of American Football, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting, Simon has the physique to match.  With a 49.5” chest, he knows the struggle of trying to find a shirt to fit his more daunting proportions.

Having previously resorted to shipping shirts from America, Simon’s biggest problems in finding shirts that fit were his 19” neck and the fact that anything that fits his chest, would always be too baggy around the waist.

Knowing that for once he would have no problem getting his size catered for, Simon was impressed with the range of fabrics and colours on offer. Something he would generally have to compromise on if he did find the right fit. What were Simon’s thoughts when he received his shirt?

“The design was very simple and easy to follow. The shirt quality is beyond expectation. It exudes quality from the collar to the tail.”

If you find you have similar problems as Johnny and Simon in finding a fitted shirt, then why not get in touch with us at Shirts with Buttons to create something that’s long lasting, high quality and made to measure for you. Try out our easy to use shirt builder.