The 5 Best Dressed Horror Movie Villains

October 30th, 2015

The Men of Horror with a Killer Sense of Style

When it comes to Halloween horror, it often seems that gore and more gore are the order of the day. But what about the best dressed horror movie villains who pull off the frights in 100% cotton comfort? We’re talking about villains with style, and often a style all their own. Here we run down the top 5 horror movie main-men who give us the creeps with a touch more class.

5. John Milton – The Devil’s Advocate

the devils advocate

Legal shark John Milton has a professional image to worry about. As a top Manhattan lawyer you wouldn’t expect him in anything less than the finest Versace suits. As the devil incarnate, he certainly lives up to his title as The Great Seducer. This confident and dynamic character pulls off sophistication, flair and the occasional flash of terrifying in what is no doubt one of Al Pacino’s most underrated roles.

4. Alex DeLarge – A Clockwork Orange

a clockwork orange

While not technically a horror movie villain, you would be hard pressed not to be horrified by Alex’s twisted world perspectives and penchants for a bit of Uber-violence. With his tilted bowler hat, suspenders and all white attire – complete with tuxedo shirt – Alex and his ‘droogs’ cut the line between decadent and disturbing.

3. Hannibal Lecter – The Silence of the Lambs

hannibal lecter silence of the lambs

He might have the tendency to indulge in the occasional human liver, but Hannibal Lecter’s sense of style isn’t up for criticism. When not attired in his customary orange jumpsuit in Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Dr Lecter adorns the finest in Gucci and Armani suits. Able to pull off a matching Fedora and with a flower adorning his jacket, this intellectual cannibal appears the height of sophistication.

2. Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

patrick bateman of american psycho

There are few villains who can live up to the immaculate fashion sense of Patrick Bateman. A man obsessed with the superficial, what Patrick lacks in substance he makes up for in sophisticated style and the finest Armani suits. Putting aside his violent psychopathic tendencies, Patrick fits the mould of the quintessential 80’s yuppie. It seems in this case the devil doesn’t wear Prada, but the finest Valentine Couture.

1. Count Dracula – Dracula (1958)

Christopher Lee as Dracula

There couldn’t be a list about suave stylish villains without a nod to the always immaculate Dracula himself. As a wealthy count he oozes sophistication and casts a domineering shadow in the finest suits. Through his many iterations, from Bran Stokers original seducer to Bela Lugosi’s charmer, it is Christopher Lee’s domineering figure that cast the most memorable portrayal of Dracula as the embodiment of stylish terror. Frankly, there are very few men who can pull off stylish while wearing a cape.

With Hollywood villains and monsters practically ten a penny, it’s a rare breed that can pull off suave and terrible in equal measures. When it comes to the real monsters and villains of Hollywood, there’s often more to fear from the man in a tailored shirt than the beast under your bed.

Who’s your favourite Hollywood trend-setter of killer fashion?

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