The Quick Shirt Fit Guide

April 8th, 2016

Slim Fit, Regular Fit, Tailored? What’s the Difference?

Finding the right fit of shirt can be a bit of a trial at times. The fact that so many shirts come pre-packaged with little more to go on than a neck size can often make you question just why your neck width, arm length or shoulder width don’t seem to sync up.

With a fitted shirt, it is essential that you get the basics right as unlike a t-shirt or polo you’re just not going to get the same leeway when it comes to size and fit. Plus, whether it’s in a working or social environment, a fitted shirt is more likely to be the focus of your look so make sure you’re getting it right with this quick shirt fit guide.

Shirt Styles

Regular Fit Shirts

The loosest fitting shirt style, the regular fit shirt is more generous in the width of the sleeve, the body and in the tapering off the shoulder. For fuller bodied individuals these can soften the lines while for other they can seem too billowy with too much spare material. Regular fit shirts are often the most comfortable due to their generous cut and while they can look less neat than other shirt types, they can work equally well as other when worn with a suit jacket.

Regular Fit Shirt Guide

Slim Fit Shirts

A very popular shirt fit, slim fit offers a compromise between regular and fitted shirts. While the width across the body, chest, arm and shoulder are reigned in, they are tapered, not tight. Slim fit shirts offer a more flattering cut and are popular worn without a suit jacket while still remaining professional and smart.

Slim Fit Shirt Guide

Fitted Shirts

While regular and slim fit shirts are comfortable for the everyman, fitted shirts offer more precision in the cut with sharper lines and more accentuation of your body shape. The cut is slim to the body and sleeved giving a sharper silhouette than slim fit but with the same shoulder fit.

Fitted Shirt Guide

Super Fitted Shirts

A fairly recent addition to the fitted shirt range that some retailers are now introducing, the purpose of a Super Fitted Shirt isn’t hard to decipher. An exaggeration of the fitted shirt, it provides a body-hugging fit, cut close to the body and arms. This is a shirt fit that is going to accentuate every part of your shape.

Super Fitted Shirt Guide

Tailored Fitted Shirts

Tailored Shirt in Bespoke Delivery Box

When nearly perfect isn’t near enough, there is the tailored or ‘made to measure’ shirt. With fitted shirts you are inclined to get what you pay for so by investing a little more you’re getting precision without compromise. As the ‘made to measure’ naming suggests, you are going to have to have a measuring tape handy, but once you have your exact measurements down you’re looking at a shirt that somewhat ironically, fits like a glove.

For more details on measuring for a tailor made shirt, see our shirt measurements guide or try out our shirt builder to design your own.

Tailoring as an After-thought

You may opt to have a pre-made shirt tailored and in some cases this may be a viable option. That said, bear in mind that in this case you will be paying for the shirt and the tailoring individually meaning the costs can start to add up anyway. Plus, you may still have to compromise as even with expert tailoring, aspects such as the collar fit and in particular the fit around the shoulder and upper arm can be hard to re-tailor.

The Verdict: The opportunity to fix problem areas with a pre-existing shirt, but occasionally a compromise on a tailor made shirt that can still rival it on price.