The Solutions to Finding Large Men’s Shirts

April 14th, 2016

Finding the Options and Styles in Shirts for Bigger Men

Whether it is XXXL men’s shirts or really just anything above a large, fitted shirts can become a bit of a pain for the more robust gent. Looking for something that is smart and comfortable, for the office or a more casual shirt for the occasional event or night out isn’t as straight forward if you don’t fit the most common size groups, so what is there to do?

At Shirts with Buttons, one area we specialise in is creating shirts for bigger men. There’s a fairly common consensus that when it comes to fitted shirts the bigger guys just aren’t being catered for. There are options of course, but rarely perfect and even more rarely what you actually want. Compromise is a fairly common word in the big man’s fashion dictionary.

Here we break down the most common issues you might be having in finding large men’s shirts, how they can be dealt with, and a few of the best options for finding properly fitted shirts for large men.

The Most Common Plights

There are plenty of aspects of the fit to consider when it comes to finding a shirt, but in most cases these are relatively easy to adjust for. Here we’ve listed the most troublesome issues that larger men find or actively look out for when buying a shirt.


When you are carrying a little more weight on the front, your shirt fit is likely to be a little out of proportion. As a result the material of the shirts body runs a little short around the middle causing splitting between buttons. The frustration of this is only added to with it being such a prominent part of the shirt.

The Solution:

Some suggest that a tie can cover this or that wearing an undershirt in a matching colour can help to mask this. There is nothing wrong with these ideas and they can form a makeshift solution. But makeshift it is. For a proper solution you will want to look out for double buttoned shirt options. Not only does the extra button provide more coverage, but the positioning of these is designed in a way to prevent splitting. Additionally a double gusset can also offer more coverage by placing an extra layer of material over the buttons.

A Less Flattering Neckline

Put simply you might be wearing your shirts too tight. When having your neck measured, a tailor will usually place two of his fingers between your neck and the measuring tape. This is an essential part of ensuring that your collar has the space needed for the size of your neck. If you are basing the size of your shirt off of the actual width of your neck it is always going to come up short. This can make the shirt too tight and can put too much emphasis and pressure on your neck (front and back) and chin.

The Solution:

The fit is essential but more elaborate collar types can also help and some can sit better with the top button undone than others. A spread collar shirt (such as our Apollo design) can work better with a broad face or neck. They also keep your face and neck in proportion and give room for a nice thick tie knot if one is worn. A thin tie and tiny knot never suit a bigger guy.

Shirt Rising

A shirt needs to fit and look good whatever you are doing so if the shirt is coming untucked or rising above your midriff when you are moving about then you may need a little additional length or width. The reason that your shirt is rising could be that it is too tight across your body and this tightness is affecting length and how the shirt sits. Additionally, the length of the shirt itself may also be a factor.

The Solution

You may want to consider ‘regular’ fit shirts that are a little longer so that they can be tucked in with a good amount of material below the waistline such as ‘ducktail’ styles which are longer at the front and back.

What are Your Options?

There are always a few solutions available when it comes to finding large men’s shirts that fit. You just have to know where to look. There are online and high street stores that specialise in providing clothing for bigger men, but you will always be limited to what they have available.

Tailors can also be a useful option if a shirt doesn’t quite fit right. However, why go to the hassle of buying a shirt and finding a tailor when you can get the tailor from step one? Try our shirt builder to put together something you like in a huge range of interchangeable styles. We can cater for waist sizes of up to 50 inches and neck sizes up to 22 inches.

Any special requests? Double Button? Pair Buttons? Double Gusset? Particular problem areas? Just put these in the notes before completing your purchase and our professional tailors will add them at no extra cost.