Wedding Attire for Men – A Guide for Groom, Groomsmen and Guests

January 28th, 2016

Wedding Shirts and Tips for the Men in Attendance

There’s no doubt at any wedding the eyes are on the bride, but the outfits donned by the groom, groomsmen and extended bridal party help set the style, tone and the look of the big day. Wedding attire for men needn’t be simply grey suits and plain shirts; whether it’s a highly formal event, smart-casual or even a beachside affair, paying attention to small details will ensure the male side of the bridal party gets to shine too.

What style should you choose?

The first question to ask when considering men’s wedding shirts is what type of wedding are you attending? If the venue’s a castle or a manor house then chances are the shirt should be very formal and fancy, so think dress shirt with a tuxedo. If you are wearing a tuxedo, jacket and waistcoat/vest, a tailored shirt will fit and sit best.

At a more relaxed venue, such as outdoors like a marquee, you might want to select a dress shirt with smart tie and ditch the jacket. For an even more casual affair, consider going for a smart shirt with a button-down collar or mandarin collar that means you can ditch the tie too.

Think about the theme of the wedding and matching your shirt to that too – if it’s a classic, traditional nuptial event, then you cannot go wrong with tailored cuts in classic shades and colours such as grey or navy suit with crisp white shirt. If it’s a bit more glitzy, then bolder coloured shirts and coloured or patterned ties are a great way to inject some style that can co-ordinate with the wedding theme.

creme dresses, buttons and shirts colour combinations

Softer spring wedding colours for the bridal party can be matched with similar softer shirt colours with co-ordinated buttons.

Lavender dresses, buttons and shirts colour combinations

Matching colours can be enhanced with different button options in colour and material.

The importance of neckwear

The type of neckwear you choose to wear will have an impact on your style of shirt and vice versa, so always consider them together. Collars come in many types, some of which are more accommodating for certain types of neckwear rather than others. A shirt with a winged collar for example, is the most formal kind and should only ever be worn with a bow tie. Other collar styles, such as a spread collar may suit a larger smart knot like a Windsor. Check out our guides to collars and ties for more inspiration. To make sure the fit is correct, always abide by the golden rule; you should be able to fit a finger – no more, no less – between your neck and the collar of your shirt.


Colour is the one thing that really ties a wedding party together. Traditionally, the groomsmen wear outfits that are similar in style to that of the groom, but differ in detail. They’re also generally matched in some way to the bride and bridesmaids. Picking a colour from the bride’s bouquet or the bridesmaids’ dresses and matching that to waistcoats, cummerbunds or ties is a sure-fire way to bring cohesion and style to the party. If the wedding palette has two colours, the groom can select one shade while the groomsmen wear details in the other.

Green dresses, buttons and shirts colour combinations

The use of shirt and button combinations can really let you match up the styles of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Whether matched to their dresses, their bouquets or even their jewellery.


Cufflinks and buttonholes have long been a traditional accessory for the male members of a wedding party, but how about thinking outside the square and adding a decorative tie pin? This can be placed on the tie itself or, for a more elegant look, choose a shirt with a pin collar. This collar has small holes near the top of each point to allow for a decorative pin or bar behind the tie knot, which pushes the tie knot up and forward and adds a bit of extra decoration.

 crystal buttons wedding attire for men Shirt buttons are a much-overlooked but fantastic way to inject some subtle glamour into men’s wedding shirts. With a tailor-made shirt, you can choose top-of-the line buttons that match the colours of the wedding palette. Mother-of-Pearl buttons are much more durable than regular buttons and give off a gentle elegant shimmer.For something different, the jewellery or accessories of the bridesmaid can be matched with reflective or even crystal buttons to make the men’s wedding outfits stand out by themselves.