White Shirt – the essence of men’s style.

May 28th, 2018

There are several things in men’s fashion that every man should have in his wardrobe due to their simplicity and timelessness. The things that can be intuitively combined with other garment to create a dazzling look. However, also revive you from situations where you don’t know what to wear. One of the best examples of such an item is a white shirt.

A white shirt technically is intended only for festive occasions. In everyday fashion, men tend to ignore it due to its nature of being too formal. This, however, is a mistake because a white shirt depending on its type i.e. its fabric, collar, cuffs can be worn just as much with summer chinos than with an evening suit. This says one thing for sure – white shirts are worth having in the wardrobe because they are the quintessence of men’s fashion.

When advising someone to buy only one white shirt that could be worn with many different styles; it’d be a snow-white model made of cotton. This along with button cuffs and a classic collar (though with hidden buttons) will create a more casual look that can be worn without a tie. The collar will be firmly stiffened and effectively keep it in the right position even when the shirt is unfastened at the top. Resulting in a Monday coffee look.

There is also the classic of casual attire; an Oxford button down collar shirt. This white, cotton shirt can be treated as elegant yet the linen weave and buttons on the collar reduce its formality. This is the perfect shirt to wear with roll-up sleeves for summer styling. It also looks great with knitted ties and casual bow-ties.

The degree of formalities of a white shirt can be thus quite wide. The most formal shirts are of course dress suit shirts with a covered pleat. These are the sheer definition of elegance. Next in the hierarchy are the cuff linked shirts with a classic collar – perfect for ceremonial occasions. A cuff linked shirt should always be worn with a tie or a dressy bow-tie.

However, if you are looking for your everyday shirt to go with work suit, get a white shirt made of poplin or twill alongside a classic or an Italian collar as well as some normal cuffs. This shirt is ideal to be combined with any suit colour and has a large range of accessories that can be worn with, including a velvet tie or a patterned pocket square. This shirt is the one to experiment with, in regards to ties with adventurous colours and patterns.

A white shirt is a piece of clothing which is stylish and elegant but also works well as a casual work wear. What matters the most is that white shirts will never go out of fashion.