Why you should consider using mother of pearl buttons on your new shirt.

July 21st, 2015

Mother of pearl is a beautiful, stunning and luminescent shell with a kaleidoscope of colours which can be breathtaking. One of nature’s treasures these shimmering shells can be made into the most exquisite buttons which will definitely attract a great deal of attention.

This is a mystical shell that according to folklore can enhance your good luck and prosperity and can instil a sense of well-being and relaxation. Just like the waves of the sea lapping on the shore, arousing all our senses and stirring the tides of our emotions, mother of pearl is soothing, cooling and restful and it is said to have stress relieving powers. Wearing this beautiful shell connects the owner with beauty and heightens intuition, pyschic sensitivity and imagination. It also protects against negative influences and negative energy.

Mother of pearl is named after a ‘mother’s love’ and as such has healing powers and nurturing qualities. Its properties are used to strengthen the immune system and muscle tissues, help heart issues, blood pressure, deteriorating vision, arthritis, allergies, skin complaints and indigestion.

So if you want health, wealth and happiness we suggest you order a shirt using our mother of pearl buttons.

Good news, we are just about to launch our selection of pre-dyed mother of pearl buttons in beautiful iridescent lustrous colours.

How can you say no?