Fitted Shirts for Bodybuilders & Athletes

Fitted shirts for bodybuilders

Why settle for less when you can have a shirt that’s as sculpted as you?

Do you find it hard to get a shirt which:

  • Fits Your Broader Back?
  • Compensates for Bigger Triceps or Biceps?
  • Fits Your Shoulders Without Being Too Wide at the Waist?
  • Isn’t Too Tight at the Collar?
  • Fits for Length as well as Width?
  • Fits Well and Looks Great?

For bodybuilders these are all fairly common issues when it comes to finding a fitted shirt. That’s something we at Shirts with Buttons had in mind when we started our business. We wanted to make sure that dedication to your physique shouldn’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to finding a fitted shirt.

All of our shirts are custom made using the best materials available, and professional European tailors. Tailors who know the small differences in a shirt that can make a fit that is comfortable, flexible and looks great. That’s how we manage to provide the best fitted shirts for bodybuilders.

It’s as easy as…

bodybuilder shirt style bodybuilder waist measurementplace orderbodybuilder shirt


Soon you’ll find yourself the proud owner of a shirt that is literally ‘made for you’ with your name even embossed on the label.


What Some of Our other Customers Had to Say…

professional coach Johnny Elliot in fitted shirt

“As someone who has always struggled to find collared shirts that fit well I have definitely found my solution! The process of ordering is really simple, and the end product is second to none. I cannot recommend this to my friends enough.” Jonny Elliott, CrossFit MTS, Edinburgh

personal trainer Simon Swanston in custom fitted shirt

“The shirt quality is beyond expectation. I have never seen or felt this level of quality before.” – Simon Swanston, Fitness Lecturer at Edinburgh College, Personal Trainer & Gym Owner

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